Friday, 31 July 2015


Me, Suzanne and Melanie 

It started here.

Well, looky dat,

Pie in the sky dreams really do come true,


The 40+ Blogger Meet-Up 2015. 

Last weekend.

Here. In Vancouver. 

Twenty bloggers came together for a weekend of friendship, food, and fun. And I have to tell you, it's all feeling more than a little surreal. You see, I'm thinking back to that rainy day last December when the three of us...Melanie, Suzanne and I...gathered around a restaurant table. Outside, raindrops streaked randomly down window panes. Things were decidedly cozy indoors, and there was little inclination to venture out onto the wet streets of Vancouver. Besides, we were busy hatching a plan, a very big plan. Our voices, and laughter, became increasingly animated. We may even have said the word epic. repeatedly. Eventually the rain stopped, we gathered our gifties, and we headed out to do some thrift store shopping. It should could have been the end of our story....however....

A few weeks later Suzanne emailed. She had, not only a blog button, but a definite rah rah pitter patter and let's get at er vibe going on. And...about eleventy hundred emails later...we had ourselves a blogger meet-up.

Artwork by Melanie Kobayashi

Suzanne and Melanie did the lion's share of the work. Me? I panicked. Enthusiasm for something that's never gonna happen...I'm good at that. But an actual, for real, blogger meet-up? It sounded...scary. Why? Because inviting everybody to your house is scary. I mean, what if everybody comes? What if nobody comes? What if everybody comes and nobody has a good time? Clearly I have some insecurities when it comes to entertaining on a grand scale....and...maybe I neglected to mention that little fact over lunch. No matter, Suzanne and Melanie soldiered on...Suzanne pounding on the keyboard, Melanie pounding on the pavement. My designated role was to be the voice of reason, otherwise known as the third vote. There may have been one, possibly two, moments when I stamped my tiny foot....the champagne fountain and complementary 40+ Blogger terry robes come to mind...but seriously, our vision was united from the get-go.

And? I think we pulled it off. I know I had a stellar time. I hope you did too. I really, really, enjoyed getting to know you better and I  thank you from the very bottom of my heart for coming. Planes, trains and automobiles. Bloggers from BC, Toronto, New York, Utah, Florida, Washington State, California, Chicago, Holland, Finland and Singapore. Who'd a thunk it?

Will it happen again? You know you wanna.....

Top Row : : Suzanne Carillo : : Bag and a Beret : : Me : : Trina & Sylvia : : No Fear of Fashion
Second Row : : 40 + Style : : Tea Time With Trina : : Spy Girl : : Not Dead Yet Style : : Shybiker
Third Row : : Damselfly's Delights : : The Director of Awesome : : Greetje & Melanie : : Fashionforward40 : : Day2daywear
Fourth Row : : Vancouver Barbara : : Thrift Shop Commando : : Jane : : Ephemera : : The Looking Glass Magnifying Necklace
Fifth Row : : Fat Rabbit's Delight : : Patti & Suzanne : : Project Minima : : Elegance Revisited : : Barbara & Anne

*I hope to post at least a few more photos in the next week. We're still sorting out photo sharing...


Monday, 20 July 2015


A Colourful Canvas, Simplicity 2339, DYT Type One

A Colourful Canvas, Simplicity 2339, DYT Type One

A Colourful Canvas, Simplicity 2339, DYT Type One

Hi everyone! I won't keep you long...just a quick hello and a few pics of my My Summer Flip Flops Dress. Yep, this was one of my to-do items, and I managed to get 'er done well before the end of summer. Virtual high fives all round!

Okay, this is a Simplicity 2339 make, this time with design tweaks at the collar and the front facing. After whipping up two Negroni shirts {still to be blogged} a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted a similar collar and front facing on my own shirt {dresses}.  I find the flat, or convertible collar, both speedy to sew and tidy to look at. And what's not to love about that? And....kinda, sorta to prove the point...if only to myself....I sewed a second shirt dress like's an a-line version and I'll show it to you soon. that I've got my dream shirt dress pattern, there's no stopping me. At least until fall...then I'll most likely be all about stitching crazy and colourful coats. Stay tuned!

By the way, last night I misjudged the light... hence the over-exposure on some of these ended up being not so much the golden hour as much as the orange hour. I tell ya, when we take these blog photos...and by we, I mean me flailing around in front of the lens contributing plenty of dialogue...Gimme bokeh! Closer! Farther! Is dis right? Is dat right?...and the mister impatiently snapping away behind the lens....something invariably goes a little sideways.'s often our own little Comedy of Errors {which coincidentally we saw just last weekend at Bard on the Beach. Brilliant, that was!}

And finally! The 40+ Blogger Meet-Up is a-happening this week! I'm really super excited to meet the many bloggers attending! Seems I'll be doing my best to dispel some rumours too....Melanie has painted a colourful picture of me over at Bag and a Beret, and Suzanne has me talking like a sailor. Arghhh and Ahoy Mateys...amirite Suzanne!

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Monday, 6 July 2015


A Colourful Canvas, Simplicity 1803

A Colourful Canvas, Simplicity 1803

Dear blog. It's me...Sue...

Yes, I am here...albeit a little brain addled. A doubt...of sublimely warm temperatures here in Vancouver...that and only having an imaginary swimming pool.

And....wot...please forgive me for neglecting a proper salutation.

So HI YA peeps....eep...that won't do...let's see...Hey guys...yes, that feels much more authentic. I hope you've been well since our my last chat. Me? I've been going around in circles, and getting almost zero accomplished while I spin. Too many wanna-do's.  So much 'I could do dis, I could do dat'. The dis? Well, in no particular a swimsuit, a jumpsuit, yoga pants {and then I'll want a matchy top}, sundress, shorts, and a skirt. Whoa! And the dat? Well, looking at the dining room table...I have a whole lotta swimsuit fabric and several patterns; a jumpsuit pattern, sadly missing suitable fabric, my Flip Flop Fabric for my sundress {sleeves, no sleeves, oh the decisions} The weather has been phe-nom-e-nal. The garden doth grow, the ocean actually feels warm, festivals and farmer's markets are in full swing...and, well, you get it. I be playing...a lot...these days. So...maybe sewing isn't on the table...{well, it is so on the table literally, but that's a nuther story}...quite so much these long, lazy days.

Just like my Feathered Friends Dress, this fabric had me at hello. I needed a new not true....but lucky me...seeing this fabric reminded me of a deficiency of orange {you Vitamin C} in The Colourful Canvas dress department. And, since it basically became a health issue, who was I to argue? My design inspiration came from this Dior Video. {It takes a minute or so to load} After seeing it, via Closet Case Files What's Doing series...I was completely smitten with pleats. I used Simplicity 1803...again...with some alterations to the front bodice...hello V-neck, adios triangular shaped keyhole.  I added a collar of a's a long strip of 3 3/4" wide fabric folded in half lengthwise and randomly pleated.  Let's see, I added a waistband, also randomly pleated, and the skirt is...hello...pleated...similarly to my End of Summer Blues Dress. I pattern matched the bodice back centre seam, but surprisingly {to me}, the bodice front looked better not pattern matched. I think because all the front bodice seams are curved. likey... my Pleated Poppy Dress fits like a dream, but, there's something? I've resewn the hem once already...I used horsehair trim originally but took it out {yeah, that was fun}.....but still, I'm just not sure. Should it be shorter? Shorter with horsehair? Please do tell me what you think, what you really, really think.

That be all for today folks. Thanks for tuning in. Lots more summer news to come. Today's fabulous wall mural courtesy of Elizabeth Hollick.

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